While Principles Are Important – Don’t Gamble With The Middle Class Mr President

Despite what President Obama says, he was elected by the narrowest of margins in terms of the popular vote.  He was not re-elected with any kind of real mandate as President Reagan was when he won 49 states in a sweeping victory.  This President has the Senate, half the country and Bruce Springsteen, on his side.  If it’s his intention to get back at the rich by letting the tax cuts expire, that plan will surely fail.  If the tax cuts expire, the rich will still be rich and the middle class and poor will have no jobs.  Any first year economics student should be able to figure that out.  Yes, wealthy people should pay their fair share, but this country was not founded on class warfare.  It was founded on opportunity; Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, not the guarantee of happiness.  No one gave the Irish, Italian or Jewish Immigrants anything, but they found a way.  They worked three jobs to feed their families.  They certainly Never asked for a handout.  Was it not the late, President Kennedy, who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.  Under this President he has trampled on the statement and turned it upside down.  This Presidents philosophy is “don’t worry, we’ll take care of you”.  We raise people up by forcing them to raise themselves up, not by carrying them.  President Obama has the potential to cause great harm in the next four years and I for one prefer gridlock to the deterioration of the once great nation we were.  That has nothing to do with the growing diversity of this country, that’s a good thing.  We should not long for the “good old days” because the old days were wrought with problems.  But things have been better than they are now.  As an employer, I see kids who have just graduated from college, unable to find jobs.  And when they do, the starting salary is the same as when I started, twenty-two years ago.  How sad is that?  The fifty percent of the population who voted for this President, must be held responsible and accountable, because their situations will not improve under him.  Of course they will blame the Republicans, but that’s simply denial.  The Obama voter’s philosophy is “misery loves company”.  Health insurance is a good thing, but so is a job.  Sometimes people need to learn a lesson and this one won’t come cheaply.  Marco Rubio, Eric Cantor and Scott Brown among others, need to take back the Republican Party and be prepared to take back the leadership reigns in 2016.  Ingenuity, success, and hard work should be rewarded.  That’s why they got ahead.  Now we want to penalize successful people under the guise of fairness.  I have nothing against President Obama, but his community organizer approach to economics is amateurish and demonstrates a complete lack of comprehension.  But most importantly, it simply bad for the country.

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