Sixty-One Year Old Gives Birth To Twins

Simply because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done.  In Sao Paulo, Brazil,a sixty-one year old woman gave birth to twins after being artificially inseminated.  She spent twenty years trying to get pregnant but was unable to conceive.  Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti and her husband attempted in vitro fertilization several times to no avail.  After being turned down to adopt a child due their age, the couple decided to implant ten-year old frozen embryos and attempt one last time, to have a child.  This time they were successful.  There are a several different ways to look at this, but regardless of one’s opinion, this creates a serious moral dilemma.  There are those who would say the gift of a child, in this case twin children, is a gift at any age.  And there are those would say the couple is just too old.  But the proper perspective is, there is a very good chance one or both parents won’t live to see their children graduate from high school.  That’s unfair to them.  While the technology of today, allows couples to have children at older ages, it doesn’t mean it’s an advancement.  An MD I recently spoke to, who’s delivered over the three-thousand babies, suggested the reason for the rampant number of ADHD and autism cases can possibly be traced to older parents having children.  He went on to explain that in terms of pro-creation, nature hasn’t evolved with the times.  The optimal age for a woman to give birth in 2012, is still eighteen to twenty-five years of age.  And doctors know that women who have their first child after thirty increase their risk of certain cancers.  For example according to a study done in England, mothers who have their first child after thirty, double their risk of developing hereditary breast cancer.  It might not make people happy, but that’s nature.  A sixty-one year old mother is certainly not as physically capable of taking care of a child or in this case children, as a thirty year old mother would be.  If pro-creation was supposed to happen at this late stage in life, women would menopause much later than they do.  Where are the voices of reason and why would doctors even agree to do this?  Let me say this is very different than the grandmother who carried her daughter’s child because she was unable to carry her own child.  Having such old parents is simply an unfair burden to place on a child.

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