Ice Cream Store Manager Fired For Racial Slur About The President

An ice cream store manager from California has been fired from her job at Cold Stone Creamery, for making racist on-line comments about President Obama.  In addition to using the “N” word to describe the President, Denise Helms 22, of Turlock, also stated that “Maybe he will get assassinated this term..!!” She posted these comments on Facebook and only removed them after receiving negative feedback.  This young woman is so arrogant, she went on Fox40 News and referring to the assassination comment said, “I’m not saying I’d go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.”  One of have thought she would have taken the opportunity to be contrite.  As a strict defender of the 1st Amendment she has every right to call the President whatever she likes, even if the assassination comment comes fairly close to crossing the line as a direct threat against the President. She probably deserves a visit from the secret service asking for clarification.  But this story also brings up a couple of  important issues; 1) the importance of losing gracefully and 2) proper social media protocol.  The election is over and it’s time to bury any ill well and work towards improving the country despite differences.  Letting off steam or relieving disappointment by calling the President names and wishing for his demise, is childish and shows a complete lack of control; nothing more than a temper tantrum.  In terms of the internet and the world of social media, people need to be cognizant of what they write on-line because there should be no expectation of privacy.  Employers are searching the internet and anything found on-line can be used in the decision not to hire a prospective candidate.  In extreme cases such as this one, Cold Stone Creamery was well within its right to terminate someone who clearly showed a complete lack of judgement.  She is certainly not someone an employer would hire with this information in hand.  In fact, she may have difficulty finding work following this incident, now, or in the future.

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