Kansas Sperm Donor Told To Pay Child Support


A sperm donor has been told to pay child support by a Kansas court, to a woman who bore his child through artificial insemination.  In 2009, William Marotta of Topeka Kansas noticed an ad on Craigslist from a lesbian couple, also from Topeka, seeking donated sperm.  Marotta “intrigued” answered the ad and for no fee, delivered three cups of sperm to the women, one of whom gave birth to a daughter.  He told CNN that, “I donated genetic material, and that was it for me.”  Unfortuantely for Marotta, that wasn’t the case.  The parents separated and one of the women stopped working because she became ill.  She reached out to the state and Kansas officials according to CNN “were not persuaded by what Marotta says were agreements he signed before making his donations that he would assume no financial responsibility for the child, who is now 3 years old.”  Apparently the law in Kansas states that the agreement is not valid because the procedure was not performed by a physician, so there is really no way to confirm or verify the child was not conceived by natural means.  Marotta said that no matter how the case turns out, he has no intention of having any relationship with the little girl.  Who in their right mind would advertise for sperm on Craigslist and who would answer the ad?  The answer is, only very strange people.  Despite the cost of artificial insemination, how could any couple, gay or straight, use sperm without knowing whether or not it’s free from the AIDS virus or any other transmittable disease?  And quite frankly, only a very strange man would donate sperm to a lesbian couple for absolutely no other reason than his own ego and gratification.  That’s correct, this man “got off” on getting off in to a cup and fathering a child.  It was a sick thrill.  He didn’t do it because he’s a wonderful, caring human being.  Let’s face it, there are many strange people out there and I just want to make sure people see things the way they are.

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