Georgia Mother Of Twins Shoots Intruder Five Times


A Georgia Mother of nine-year-old twins, alone at home, shot an intruder five times in the face. The three were hiding in a closet when confronted by Paul Ali Slater.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the incident began when Slater began knocking on the door.  When no one answered, Slater began ringing the doorbell.  The woman, whose name is being withheld by authorities, called her husband, who then called 911.  She took her twins along with a .38 revolver to a closet and hid.  Seconds later, Slater broke into the house with a crowbar and proceeded to ransack it.  He went upstairs and when he opened the doors to the closet he was immediately shot in the face and neck.  Despite being told to stay down by the woman, Slater stumbled out of the house and attempted to flee in his car but instead, crashed in to a nearby wooded area.  He collapsed in a neighbor’s driveway as he attempted to exit the car.  Soon after, police arrived on the scene and arrested Slater.  He is expected to survive.  Of course the NRA and gun owners have rightfully been referring to this story to explain why legal guns are important.  Had this woman not been in possession of a sidearm, it is impossible to know exactly what would have been the result of the break in.  Whether Slater was armed, has not yet been disclosed.  But given the positive outcome, there is little doubt that homeowners need to be able to protect themselves.  In a perfect world, weapons for self-preservation, wouldn’t be necessary but that’s isn’t the world in which we live.  These are the stories that we should be thinking about when discussing the issue of gun control.  Yes, we must make sure that mentally unstable individuals aren’t able to purchase weapons.  But laws shouldn’t become more restrictive for law-abiding citizens who wish to buy a weapon for the sole purpose of protecting their families and homes.

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