Terror In The UK


It has now been confirmed that the man gruesomely killed by two men in Woolwich, UK was in fact an active member of the military.  The two men responsible were subsequently shot by police and are in custody and under arrest.  The BBC reported that eyewitnesses said the young soldier was hacked to death near Woolwich Barracks by two men shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Great).  After his murder, passerby’s filmed and spoke to the men, both still carrying weapons, one with bloodied hands.  They spoke about the reason for the killing being in response to British soldiers killing Muslims every day. One of the suspects has been identified by the BBC as Michael Adebolajo. The videos of the two men are quite surreal as none of the people filming these men or any of the bystanders, feared for their safety despite the fact they had just butchered a young man in cold blood.  In the attached photo a woman is standing right next to one of the attackers, knife in hand.  That’s unbelievably strange.  It’s also incredible that they were able to walk and spew their hatred for as long as they did.  The response by British police seemed quite slow, especially in times like these.  Had they decided to kill more people, the death toll would have been considerably higher.  On the other hand, I commend the police for shooting them.  People like that should not be permitted to surrender.  In response to the attack, Prime Minister, David Cameron speaking outside his residence at Downing Street said the UK “will never give in to terror or terrorism; one of the best ways of defeating terrorism is to go about our normal lives.”  According to the BBC, there has been some movement in the case when “officers forced their way into a flat and shattered the door frame as they raided an address believed to belong to one of the attackers on a Greenwich housing estate.” Neighbors said two sisters in their 30s, an older woman and a teenaged boy were taken away in a police van.  The two attackers are believed to be British citizens with ties to Nigeria.  Although this is a fairly simple case, the two men wanting to be caught, authorities undoubtedly hope, those arrested at the home and the interrogation of the suspects will give some insight into possible future terrorist attacks.  In an effort to ease tensions and to distance Islam and Muslims from the suspects, The Muslim Council of Britain issued the following statement, This is a truly barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly.”  One thing on which we must never lose sight, the vast majority of people in the world are decent and have the same goals in life; peace, security and opportunity for them and their children.  Unfortunately, the heinous acts of a few receive far more coverage than the thousands of good deeds carried out around the world each day.

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