Asiana Boeing 777 Crash Lands At SFO

Boeing  777 Crash

Asiana flight 214, from Seoul, South Korea, crash landed at San Francisco International Airport.  There were 307 on board; 291 passengers and 16 in crew.  There are believed to be two fatalities and 49 serious injuries but those numbers will, in all likelihood change.  The Boeing 777 is a great aircraft with an impeccable safety record.  Although it’s only a two engine aircraft, the 777 300 ER; (extended range) is capable of long, trans Pacific flights.  While NTSB investigations usually last an extended period of time, due to the fact there were eye witnesses, the voice box and data recorder are easily recoverable and debris on the runway, the investigation should be open and shut.  At this time it appears the plane came in too low and before the pilot could make an adjustment, the tail of the plane hit the sea wall at the end of the runway.  The only question that needs to be answered then, is whether the pilot misjudged the landing or did the plane experience a loss of power, causing the pilot to pull up the nose forcing the tail down.  While it’s possible the plane experienced an engine malfunction, it’s highly improbable.  Occam’s Razor states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.  In the first scenario, the aircraft, landing in perfect weather, having flown for 5,611 miles, (9,030KM); only six years old, with perfect safety record, lost power as the wheels were touching down. Or second, the pilot simply misjudged the landing.  Obviously the second example makes more sense and will ultimately be the finding of the NTSB.  There was absolutely no reason for the pilot to cut the landing so close.  SFO runway 28L is long enough to land any sized aircraft and the fact the pilot cut it so close is simply a result of negligence, stupidity, or inexperience.  This crash of flight 214 appears to be a completely avoidable tragedy.

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