Webcam Sexual Abuse Of Children On The Rise


According to the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, an increasing number of sex offenders are targeting poor families for the express purpose of abusing children on line.  This abuse is happening mostly in third world countries and appears to be a growing problem.  The families are being compensated for the “use” of their children on sites like Skype.  According to Kate Fisher, an analyst with CEOP, “This is a problem that is extremely worrying that has emerged over the last twelve months – and is increasing.”  She continued to explain, “They spend time engaging with families, they facilitate the abuse with the family then return to their home country and pay the families and  send instruction for that abuse to be put over the webcam”.  One might be inclined to ask, why would the parents of these children allow this and the answer is quite simple.  They are poor, and probably hungry and to a desperate family, this may seem like a viable alternative.  Of course if you’re so desperate, you shouldn’t be having children in the first place.  But that touches on an entirely different matter.  Third World countries tend to have poor protections for children which is why the child pornographers prey upon them.  There is a much less likelihood of being caught.  Add to that the increased internet speeds and it makes the world of child pornographers, much simpler.  It’s a sad connotation on our world that such sick, demented people exist but it is reality.  I will therefore again call for the death sentence; capital punishment, for anyone that is involved in the making, distributing, or viewing of child pornography.  Skype, for its part released a statement that said, “We absolutely condemn any type of misuse on Skype and reserve the right to terminate accounts immediately and take further action if necessary.”

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