President Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures


Who would have believed when President Obama swept in to power in the 2008 Presidential Election, that he and his Presidency would be as unpopular around the world as his predecessor. Take the most recent case in Egypt. It is still unfolding and yet nothing of substance is coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. President Obama is proving once again to be ineffective and is being ridiculed despite the fact I agree with the President and his support of Morsi in this instance. The fact is, that while so many complain about the meddling of the U.S., the world looks to the U.S. for our leadership.  Too often, this President has sat on the sidelines taking a wait and see attitude and that is not acceptable.  When he does become involved in some way, he often takes the incorrect side.  Egyptians have been handing out pictures of the President with the slogan “Obama Bin Laden”, probably nothing he could have ever imagined.  Being a leader is about making tough decisions and standing by those positions.  President Obama’s foreign policy has been nothing short of anemic and ineffectual.  Although I believe the President to be an extremely intelligent man with good intentions, what it boils down is lack of experience in international affairs which hampers his ability to carry out an effective foreign policy.  President Obama was a community organizer in Chicago with a brief career in the Senate.  Hardly an impressive resume. There have been a number of foreign policy failures, most glaringly, Benghazi, our relationship with Russia and China and his feckless leadership in the Israeli, Palestinian conflict.  As the President heads in to the second half of the first year of term 2, he needs to pay more attention to foreign policy or risk going down in history as the worst foreign policy President in the history of the United States.

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