Egypt To Try Morsi For Inciting Murder

Clashes in Egypt

Since being ousted from power, Mohammad Morsi has been held in an undisclosed location.  It has now been revealed that he and fourteen other members of the Muslim Brotherhood will be tried on charges stemming from violence outside the Presidential palace in December of 2012.  At least seven people were killed.  The charges relate to clashes outside the palace when Morsi announced several decrees giving him unprecedented power and ability to change the Constitution.  Morsi supporters say that he and they were simply protecting the palace after anti-Morsi protesters became violent.  Among the other fourteen members of the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood to face trial are Mohammed al-Beltagi and Essam El-Erian.  While no fan of Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood, the way in which he was ousted from power is troubling.  Military leaders in modern Democracies answer to the Prime Minister or President.  The military is not a separate, independent group, charged with keeping order.  When that happens, as is the current case in Egypt, you end up with a military dictatorship.  There is no way around it.  If Morsi is guilty of murder, then it should have been left to civil institutions/parliamentary leaders to bring charges and put him on trial.  But Egypt has simply not evolved yet.  The election that brought Morsi to power did not change the fundamental landscape of Egypt.  So much more needs to be accomplished.  Morsi should be restored to power and the people should be allowed to determine his fate.  That is what freedom and democracy is all about.  The military had no business interceding in this conflict.  If there are more Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood supporters than opposition supporters, then the people must live with that decision.  It may not be popular among the opposition but being on the opposite end of a political debate never is.  If Morsi is truly guilty of inciting murder then that must be investigated.  But a military coup is NEVER the answer if true freedom and democracy is to prevail.

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