Reckless Drivers Needs To Be Reigned In


Over the past several months there have been a number of serious and fatal car accidents within miles (kilometers) of my home.  One accident went viral on You Tube when a Lamborghini split in half trying to avoid a car pulling into his driveway.  While the driver of the car pulling into his driver caused the accident, had the driver in the Lamborghini not been traveling at such a high rate of speed, the accident could have been avoided.  Fortunately, no one was injured or killed.  Two days ago, a car traveling on a busy street near my home, was traveling an estimated 100mph (160kph) and collided with a car making a legal left turn.  Both occupants in the speeding car, 20 and 18 years of age, were killed when their car crashed into a telephone pole.  It was reported that the 18-year-old female passenger was decapitated in the crash.  Last evening I was driving on the parkway, one exit from my home, when a car overturned on a beautiful evening causing the parkway to be shut down.  How in the world can someone overturn a car on a clear, dry evening unless they’re driving callously?  Several vehicles were involved in the accident.  No report on casualties but based on the number of police cars and ambulances on scene, there were some serious injuries if not fatalities.

This epidemic of people driving recklessly is not new.  It happens every year when the weather starts to break following a long winter.  But it is time for law enforcement to start doing something about it.  I worry not about the reckless driver, if he or she dies, good riddance.  I worry about the potential innocent victims, mothers driving with their children.  These maniacs have got to be stopped.  With the first offense of reckless driving, the driver should lose his license for one year.  If caught driving with a suspended license, the driver should face a mandatory 1-3 year sentence depending on the circumstances.  For every subsequent offense the penalty should become more severe.  A speeding car with a reckless driver is as dangerous as a lunatic with a side arm.  A crackdown is in order and room should be made in our prisons by releasing the harmless pot heads and filling up the prisons with people who are really dangerous.

To the Mayor of New York’s credit.  He did announce a crackdown on reckless driving but it remains to be seen how effective it is.  No one else should be injured or killed by some moron who refuses to play by the rules that the rest of the law-abiding citizens agree to obey.

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