Israel Needs To Hold The Moral High Ground


The murder of three Israeli teenagers, sent shockwaves throughout Israel and the entire Jewish Community and is the root cause of what is now taking place in the West Bank and Gaza.  The senseless slaughter of innocent teenagers goes beyond anyone’s definition of war except for the most callous.  That list would include Hitler and Stalin.  But despite the horror of these slayings, Israel and Jews must hold onto the moral high ground.  It’s what separates the Jews and Israel from her neighbors.  That does not mean that those responsible should not pay a high price for their heinous act but it does mean, as a legitimate State, carrying out justice in a civilized and legitimate fashion.  It’s completely unacceptable for vigilantes to take justice in to their own hands.  Revenge killings are beneath Israel and cannot be tolerated.  Fortunately, 6 Israeli’s have been arrested for this act of terror and will face justice.

When hearing of the revenge killing of the Palestinian teen, a group of Jews went to the boy’s home to offer condolences and pay their respects.  There was outrage in Israel.  It was horrifying despite the anger that lingered and continues to linger in Israel.  In contrast, when the three Israeli teens’ bodies were discovered, there was dancing in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank.  Celebrating the murders of three innocent boys, what a sad commentary.  No other words need to be spoken.

With Hamas now part of a unified Palestinian Government, there is no hope for peace.  What little hope there was, is now dead.  Hamas will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, even if she withdrew to the 1967 borders.  How Israel could be expected to negotiate with a group whose sole purpose is the destruction of Israel is ludicrous.  This latest conflict will end the same way they all do, with Israel ceasing the bombing and Hamas ending the rocket attacks, temporarily.  No matter how much the citizens of the Palestinian territories hate Israel, most average citizens are intelligent enough to recognize that the firing of rockets are provoking Israel and ultimately serve no purpose.  They simply make the lives of the average Palestinian unbearable.  There will only be peace when all of the Arab countries recognize Israel’s right to exist alongside them.  Unfortunately that will not happen in the short-term, so the most anyone can hope for, are periods of calm in between the periods of conflict.  Perhaps at some point in the future leaders of both sides, perhaps leaders not yet born, will recognize that the only possible solution is to live side by side in peace and prosperity.

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