Kevin Spacey’s Betrayal Far Worse Than Trump’s Behavior

There is little doubt that the U.S. is more divided than ever.  Part of that has to do with President Trump and his wild tweeting and comments that most people would consider non presidential.  Part of it has to do with his lack of respect for women, Mexicans, immigrants from the middle east and so on and so forth.  But there is one thing that keeps me from disliking the man entirely and that is that President Donald Trump is who he says he is.  He acts like the spoiled billionaire that he always was.  He’s Trump.  No one expected him to be Presidential.  In fact, one might argue that he was elected precisely because he isn’t presidential, because of his anti establishment rhetoric.

Now let’s look at something that I believe to be far worse than the often inappropriate comments and actions of our President.  The lying and deceitfulness of those who proclaim to be decent, moral people.  Given what has transpired recently, one might rightfully accuse the collective Hollywood behavior, of being far worse than our current President.  No one should let Hollywood off the hook because rich, famous people who live lives that so many envy, appear to be just and righteous people.  They are in fact the enablers and we have barely touched the surface of these scandals, i.e. Louis CK.

Kevin Spacey and the Hollywood elites proclaim to be decent, liberal, progressive people who want to make the world a better place.  Kevin Spacey is simply the latest but not the last male to be “outed” so to speak, for being be a pedophile/predator.  He is innocent until proven guilty as is Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby etc., so let’s not forget that.  But if these allegations are proven factual and there is no reason to disbelieve all of the women who have come forward, then what these men have done is every bit as egregious, as our President’s actions.

You don’t have to like President Trump but at least he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He’s doesn’t now nor has he ever in the past, pretended to be a righteous, sensitive, progressive individual.  When he was elected president, everyone knew exactly who the man was and still half the country voted for him.

President Trump is an unbelievably flawed man but that’s not why he was elected President.  He was elected President for his ideas regardless of whether or not you agree with them.  Busgate was shocking to all those naive people out there who didn’t know who Donald Trump was.  But the hatred of Donald Trump centers around his policies, as much as his past behavior and words.  Those on the right actually like what he’s done so far.   The appointment of Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch has already made his presidency successful in the minds of millions.  His hard-core base has not deserted him, nor will they.  But opinions in politics are many and depend on where you sit in the political spectrum and that doesn’t interest me.

But what Kevin Spacey has done is use his power and authority in Hollywood to take advantage of innocent and in who knows how many cases, underage individuals.  There is, in my opinion, nothing worse than a person who pretends to be someone other than who he is.  And this includes Priests who molest children, teachers who sleep with their students and child pornographers to name just a few.  There are so many others unfortunately.  They are all the same.  They fall under one large category known as Predators.  Those who betray others and play make believe with who they really are, who wear a costume during the day and remove it at night, need to be ostracized and put away in a cell if charges are proven to be true.

Let me again reiterate.  President Trump has not deceived anyone.  The forty plus millions who voted for him knew exactly who he was.  He didn’t play a role, he was elected for being who he is.  While you may not agree with any of his policies, I find that very refreshing.  A stupid, close minded, man, being exactly who he really is.  What’s more honest than that??

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